Types of Coverage

The Essentials

“Here are some great products often overlooked that protect the areas most vulnerable to damage”

Door Cup Guards

scratched door cupYour door handle is the first thing you touch when you open your car. It is what we damage the most. Over time, objects such as nails and rings end up scratching this part of your car. Protect your Door Cups with our Door Cup Guards.




HeadlightsSONY DSC

With the adaptation of plastic headlight lenses, fading has become a real issue. It is inevitable for plastic to fade over time, leaving your headlights dull and hazy. Being plastic, rocks and debris also have a tendency to chip and crack your headlights as well. Maintain that crystal clear lens from day one with our Headlight Film Kits.


Trunk Ledge

Every time you load or unload items from your trunk, you risk damaging your rear bumper. Prevent any future scratches from pesky boxes or shopping bags with our custom Trunk Ledge Guard. Each piece is specifically tailored to fit your exact vehicle. This guarantees a smooth and simple installation that can be done in minutes. Never again will you be faced with a scratch when you are loading cargo into your vehicle.


Door Edge Guards

Ever open your door on something and nicked the edge? These are 11063388_10152939231702758_491812129_none of the most common areas prone to damage. A chip in your door may not seem like much but once it has occurred, it is a constant eyesore. Protect your door from careless chips with our Door Edge Guards. Designed to be easy to install and invisible, unlike the old black rubber guards you sometimes see on door edges. Trust Servo PPF with bringing you the best solution to your door edges.