What is Clear Bra?

Congratulations! You just bought a new car. Everything is flawless and you want to keep it that way forever. On the drive home, you realize the road does not share your idea for preserving your new car and decides to throw a rock on that flawless paintwork. Now you are left with a chip in your paint forever.

Paint Protection Film, or Clear Bra, is a necessity. A durable, high-grade, transparent urethane film which is applied to the high-impact areas of your vehicle that take the brunt of damaging road debris. Maintain the beauty of your vehicle with an invisible layer of protection.

  • Prevent scratches, stains and chips
  • Preserve your vehicle’s beauty
  • Virtually invisible
  • Helps maintain the original finish of your vehicle
  • Avoid paint chips, tar, road debris and bug damage
  • Prevent costly repairs that can potentially devalue your vehicle
  • 100% Reversible and Removable
  • Helps boost your vehicle’s value

Out with the Old

Leather Bra Damage EditGone are the days of obsolete leather bras. These bras actually cause more damage than protection. Over time, dirt and debris can become trapped underneath, damaging your vehicle. Visually obtrusive and physically damaging, avoid these old style bras. Clear Bra provides all the protection a traditional leather bra provides without taking anything away from the beauty of your vehicle.

A New Solution


Paint Protection Film has been used for years in the aerospace industry. Now this technology is being developed to be much more versatile. Adding a layer of invisible protection to your vehicle is the answer in preventative care without being visually obtrusive. Providing protection to the areas most prone to damage without adding any additional bulk, Paint Protection Film is the answer in invisible protection.


Paint protection film, or Clear Bra, is a way to bring invisible protection to your vehicle. Using the latest development in polyurethane technology, a durable layer of invisible film can provide protection to your vehicle. Paint protection film is become more and more advanced every day and we strive to keep our customers updated with the latest technological advancements in the industry. This film will not damage fully cured paint surfaces and is 100% removable if you ever so decide.

Preserve the beauty and value of your vehicle by providing protection to where it is most vulnerable. A small scratch can costs hundreds to repair, and your paint will never be original again. Avoid costly repairs and the constant anxiety of when your first scratch will appear. Servo PPF brings you a 100% safe and reversible solution to protect your vehicle.

Quality Matters

crackedLike all products, there are always the low cost options. We have seen numerous examples of cheaply made film that deteriorates and becomes a nightmare. Why spend precious time and money on installing a low cost kit that will yellow, fade, crack, peel and end up damaging your paint? Do it right the first time and you will be happy with your results for years to come. Each film we stock has been tried, tested, and proven to be top quality films that will not leave you with a headache. Our films are all backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty so you can be sure you will never be left with an inferior product. We work closely with film manufacturers’ in developing products that our customers will benefit the most from.

~Preserving Beauty~